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Q: What medical issues should I consult telemedicine doctors?

A: Non emergent medical issues, chronic stable conditions, disease prevention or health maintenance.

Q: What are medical emergency?

A: The following are warning signs of medical emergency:

 Please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room for evaluation and treatment. DO NOT use telemedicine consultation.

Q: Do I need WIFI for the online consult?

A: WIFI is preferred, but connection with 4G or LTE should be fine. 

Q: Can I get a prescription?

A: Yes but prescription is not guaranteed. Substances controlled by DEA for potential of abuse, non therapeutic drugs or certain drugs with harmful side effects or required drug monitoring are not prescribed.

Q: Can medical forms be filled out?

A: Simple forms such as excuses for work or return to work note can be provided as clinically appropriate. Forms require substantial documentations, certification or in person physical examination such as immigration, employment, physicals, FMLA forms, work compensation or disability forms can not be filled out.

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